What you should include in a post event survey

By Graham Stewart


If you want to know how your audience rates your event, then you need to conduct a post event survey.

It’s a great way to get valuable feedback from your attendees on what went well, and what didn’t, which can be invaluable when it comes to planning your next event.

It’s important, especially when it comes to internal communications events within a business, that your audience feels listened to and valued. A post event survey will help to achieve this.

What you ask, and how you ask it, will very much depend on the type of event you held, who attended and what you want to get out of your post event survey. In this blog we’ll explore all of these areas.

So, what is a post event survey?

A post event survey is a set of questions posed to a delegate or attendee following their attendance at an event.

It is designed to provide the event organiser with valuable feedback on the event so that they can implement future improvements in the next event they run.

Who should use a post event survey?

Anyone who regularly runs events! It’s the best way to find out what you should be changing, improving or keeping the same for future events.

What should you ask in a post event survey?

The questions you ask very much depend on the type of event you’re organising and what you are going to do with the survey answers.

However, these are all good to get you started.

• Rate your event experience - this can be done under different categories, e.g. experiential, music, food, venue etc. depending on your event.

• What was your favourite part of the event? – this enables them to wax lyrical about what they loved about your event.

• If any, what could be improved at this event? – this feedback can be very useful for the next event, while not posing it in a negative way.

• Would you recommend this event? – a simple yes or no answer, this will give you a good idea of who your advocates are.

It’s important to make the questions easy to understand and answer. Multiple choice or a rating system are both good ways to gain a quick and easily read understanding of your audience feedback. Questions that require more of a narrative can be helpful for suggestions or for using as customer testimonials.

How should you conduct a post event survey?

A survey can be as long or short as you like. But we recommend keeping it short. You’ll lose your audience before they’ve even begun if they face a lengthy list of questions!

It can be sent electronically following an event or conducted in person as they exit the event. It’s a great idea to offer some sort of prize draw if conducting a survey online as this can encourage people to complete the questions.

When conducting face to face surveys, keep the questions short (maybe only 1 or 2) and make them fairly open ended to allow the audience member to expand conversationally. This can be a great way to capture some testimonials that can be used for future events, as well as learning from feedback.

A post-event survey is a great idea for those who regularly run events and want to hear feedback from attendees. The main thing to consider is the type of event you hold and what you want to get out of the survey as this will impact the way in which you organise and deliver it.

Interested in finding out more about gaining the most out of your post event communication? Get in touch with the DelegateManager team to discuss how we can help.

Sep 23, 2019 by Graham Stewart