Why you should use tech for event check-in

By Graham Stewart


As an event organiser, you are probably all too aware of the challenges event check-in presents.

Guests forgetting their tickets, names not appearing on the list or outdated check-in systems slowing things down - if any of these happen to you it could be time to look for an alternative system.

Technology is taking over many aspects of event management and production and check-in is no different. Here’s why you should use tech for your next event check-in.

Reduce the time at check-in

Check-in is a time to impress, not keep your guests hanging around. Once they’ve arrived at your event it’s time to get them through the door.

Delays at check-in can have a negative impact on your event, even possibly deterring delegates from attending your future events, so it’s important to get it right first time.

By utilising technology for event registration, guests can be checked in quickly and simply with the touch of a button.

If your event is ticketed, you can easily generate QR codes which guests can display on their phone too – a quick scan and they’re in the door. No more trawling through sheets of paper looking for a name or searching an overloaded spreadsheet!

Get real time updates

More than one member of staff on the check-in desk? Using technology, such as the Delegate Manager check-in app, will help keep everyone on track with real time updates. As soon as a delegate responds to an event invitation or checks in, the whole system will be updated – avoiding any doubling up of data or confusion.

With the help of technology and check-in software, you’ll get real time updates on event capacity, plus you’ll be able to determine peak times for arrival at your event. All of this data goes a long way to hosting a well-organised event.

Access data from anywhere

The beauty of getting rid of paper and investing in a digital check-in system is that you can access it from anywhere.

Are you elsewhere on the event floor but want to find out if a certain delegate has arrived? You can easily do that from where you are positioned, using your laptop or phone, instead of trekking back to the reception area.

Would you like a demo of how Delegate Manager can help with your next event check-in? Contact us today to speak to the team.

Be more sustainable

Are you printing out your check-in lists for events? This could be costing you and the environment more than is necessary.

Choosing tech for your event check-in is by far the most sustainable option, cutting costs and greatly reducing your event’s impact on the planet. Plus, you don’t have the risk of losing vital data by accidentally misplacing print outs – or destroying them by spilling your coffee!

Ensuring that the event check-in is smooth is vital to the success of your event as it provides attendees with an excellent first impression. Technology can go a long way to helping make the check-in process easier for everybody.

Interested in finding out more about how to make event check-in at your next event smooth? With packages that include just check in capabilities, get in touch with the Delegate Manager team to discuss how we can help.

Aug 13, 2019 by Graham Stewart