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Providing the highest level of support to our customers is a key aspect of our daily lives.

We’re a small, agile team, and because of this, everyone is involved and invested in building our product. We care about our goals and future, focusing on building meaningful relationships with our customers and creating a product that we genuinely believe is a useful and safe tool.

UK based

We’re based in the UK (Edinburgh to be precise), so our ability to provide support to UK based customers is unparalleled. Our product was conceived out of our 25 years’ experience in the events and conference industry, pouring our collective knowledge into a product that improves event registration in a meaningful way.

Our team

When you call DelegateManager, you speak directly to the good people that build the product, not account handlers or sales teams. This means we can make changes quickly, so you don’t have to wait for timezone shifts to begin.

Our customers

We also firmly believe we don't know all the answers, so a close relationship with our valued customers is vital for us to provide real tools and product features that help event organisers or delegates with their day-to-day.

Delegate support

We can provide delegate support as well as event organiser support. We have chat features and can manage direct-to-delegate responses. If you need help in providing support to your delegates, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

On-site availability

If you need one of our team on-site, let us know - we’re always really happy to be on-site, ensuring every element of registration is taken care of.

Need help?

Our Help Centre has some great articles to help you on your way to building and running your own system.

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Our team know how busy the life of a event organiser is, so if there’s anything we can do make your life easier - we’d love to hear it!

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