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Our free to download app that helps you manage your delegate attendance, with one simple touch

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Leave the fuss and drama at the door

Leave the fuss and drama at the door

With DelegateManager Check-In's easy to navigate flow, you can be checking-in your delegates within seconds with one easy tap.

Straightforward ticket scanning marks attendance in less than a second.

Poor venue Wi-Fi?
No longer an issue

You no longer have to buy dedicated Wi-Fi to keep your event afloat. Our app lets you work completely offline, or, with a minimal level of connectivity, lets you sync all your registration devices to keep you up-to-date with attendance.

Delegate run check-in

Feature available Soon
Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode allows delegates to check themselves in, without (or with minimal) staff. Customised branding is also for Kiosk mode, and passcodes stop delegates from coming out of the app.

Feature available Soon
Badge printing

Kiosk on-site badge printing combines with Check-in, to allow delegates to check-in and print out their bespoke event name badge.

Check-In and badge printing works in conjunction with DelegateManager, your friendly and customisable event registration tool. If you don't have an event on DelegateManager, but wish to use DelegateManager Check-In or badge printing for your on-site registration needs,
please contact us today to discuss.


DelegateManager Check-In works on iOS 11+ or Android 4.5+. Please note: Kiosk mode is not currently available on the Android platform.

Elvira Rogers, Delegate - MsRogers EU
It was great! The process {Check-in} was really fast and easy! For me, it was amazingly easy and intuitive. Congrats! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ₯‚
Elvira Rogers, Delegate - MsRogers EU
Jennifer Black, Aberdeen Standard Investments
My event check-in team got over 350 delegates registered in a much quicker and slicker process thanks to the DelegateManager Check-In App. The ability to get a snapshot of current attendee numbers was really valuable and the check-in team picked up functionality of the App in minutes. It’s very intuitive.

As one of the first to pilot the DelegateManager Check-In App, we felt comfortable knowing the DelegateManager team were confident in their product and they took me through the process face-to-face ahead of my event. They also came along to support me on the day which I thought was great service.
Jennifer Black, Aberdeen Standard Investments

What is DelegateManager?

DelegateManager is your complete event registration system. It is easy to use for both delegates and event managers, and highly customisable in terms of branding and event complexity. From small one-off events to large international conferences, it's the event registration solution you've been looking for!

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We offer a flexible pricing structure, depending on your needs, including the option for Check-In only usage. Learn more about the DelegateManager pricing tiers.

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